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the drums of war. yesterday on abc cheney gave a harsh assessment of the obama administration's policy in the middle east. >> i think our friends no longer count on us, no longer trust us, nor adversaries fear us. 9/11, saudis, egyptians, many in that part of the world no longer have confidence in the united states. >> cheney also threw in his two cents on the republican party. >> i think it's very important we bring in a new generation of leadership. i think after the presidential election last year, we got whipped. there's a lot of work to be done, no question about it. >> not just the television spotlight, a new book "days of fire" closely examines the bush administration and cheney's relationship with the desire. in the book baker details the decision making behind war in iraq, guantanamo, expansion of the national security state and hurricane katrina. while cheney was no doubt a powerful force in the white house, he dispels the myth as dick cheney's puppet. he was unquestionably the most influential vice president in american history. but he subordinated himself to bush the way no
on the planet and the other part of the obama administration can't keep a website up. you almost want to swim responsibilities here. >> switch the two brains. >> could it effectively do the spying on angela merkel and someone else do the website. the obama administration would be in better shape. >> what are the implications of both. how angry are americans about either one. i don't want to go too far into the ac stuff. i think that is the man with two brains. but the idea of collecting metadata on americans. i think there is some people activists, seekers, writers, journalists that are legitimately upset about this. i'm not entirely sure the american public would begin to litigate this. >> i wouldn't go to aca. i don't think that's a good analogy. i do think good analogy to drones, deportation, all these policies that rhetorically, especially when he was running for office first time around he distanced himself from. then all of a sudden, inch by inch, moment by moment, we realized he's doubled down on some of the policies bush and cheney began. the american people, as for their anger, i don
, 50% say they do not know enough. on this issue, in many ways obama administration has won. >> one, the truth is it's a representative picture. it's true about here are the stories and the question is how many people are listening, right? >> right. >> the bigger question is what's the story that will get people to listen. how many stories will get people to listen. what will change the calculus. it's unclear. think of al gore's inconvenient truth, the power of that movie ten years ago and how it sort of got a lot of talking in the media and seemed like a really big deal. 10 years later how many americans are like going crazy about global warming. how much of an impact. >> the intruth about this issue is the obama administration is dramatically downplaying the number of civilians killed. when journalists follow up and go to the scene of these hits, the first time obama authorized a strike against yemen in 2009, the white house claimed yemen had done the strike. we know from wikileaks cables that's a flagrant lie, the u.s. was behind it. they killed 36 women and children in the strik
responsible for rollout became the first obama administration official to testify before congress. until today tavenner had largely avoided scrutiny from republicans who have instead preferred to train their fire on her boss kathleen sebelius. >> i understand you're not publicly releasing those numbers but i'm asking, do you have any idea of on a weekly basis how many people enrolled in how do you not know how many people have enrolled? >> we'll have those numbers available mid november. >> while the sniping over the website persists in committee, republican leadership is out with a new message. we're over the website. >> the problem with obama care isn't just the website, it's the whole law. >> the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> the problems go well beyond a flopped website. >> it is clear obama care and flaws are much more than the website. the website is the tip of the iceberg. >> this week republicans smelled blood in president obama's claim no americans would be kicked off their existing plans. >> let me repeat this.
, at least, and from administration officials she's not going anywhere. first of all, another confirmation process is almost unthinkable. and president obama isn't the kind of guy that fires staff when they are in the hot seat. what is your reporting telling you? >> yeah, it doesn't seem like this white house has any intention, certainly the president has no intention to get rid of kathleen sebelius. they've repeatedly said to us he has full confidence in her, even if he's extremely frustrated and upset about the way this rollout has gone to this point so far. the challenge for the white house right now is they're waiting until mid-november before they provide what kathleen sebelius described as reliable enrollment numbers. now there are more deadlines ahead they've got to meet. that number in mid-november, we're all going to focus on it. even today as they make the point that in boston, in massachusetts, it was only 123 people that signed up in the first month. 20% of all signups in commonwealth care in massachusetts health coverage plans signed up in the last two months. we're going to f
american would have to sign up for obama care. then the first act of government after reopening is to have hearings about the fact people can't sign up for the thing, this entire blockade against. feels what the administration is having a challenge with, a capacity to sell this program, which has everything to do with the fact there are very real beneficiaries of the aca expansion most importantly around medicaid. but we get to that conversation because we're talking about the glitches in the website. >> may i remind us this information comes from a leaked report from none other than darrell issa. i'm going to say he's got a little history of cherry picking the information he leaks. we saw that in the irs scandal where everybody went this direction. we get the facts and realize it's a totally different story than we thought. i want to remind us, there have been plenty of glitches. we think it's terrible. i'm not sure we should use darrell issa. >> a discount factor of 25 at least. >> so 31 people signed up. glen, go ahead. >> darrell issa aside, this is not going well. >> master of underst
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)